What do I wear on a Boudoir Shoot?

What to wear for a Boudoir Photo Shoot? There are endless options beyond bra and pantie sets!! AND it depends on what you would like to highlight about your body or hide. Do make sure that whatever you choose it's newer or lightly used. Here are some options-

1. Bra & Pantie Sets

 Lets go with the most obvious first. Make sure that both fit you well and aren't either too big OR too small. Get your girls measured and find the right fitting bra!! Go with a variety of colors if you do more than one set!! Obviously Bra/panties show more, so you can always use a lace  or silk robe to add a bit of coverage if needed. You can also add Garter/stockings.

Lace robe by Forever 21

Lace robe by Forever 21

Robe by Helena-Quinn

Robe by Helena-Quinn


2. Body Suits

These are my favorite for shooting Boudoir, as everyone can find a flattering bodysuit for them. Some show more, some show less, go with what looks good on your body and makes you feel hot!! They can be solid cotton, silk or see through lace!!


3. Corsets

I prefer corsets with some shape for the boobies. Why because the regular type of corsets flatten the breasts and offer ZERO support! If you happen to lift your arms, guess where the corsets goes yup south!! While the boobs will pop out!! Make sure that the corset fits you well. Make sure and sit down to see if it puckers.


4. T Shirts and Sweaters

I often have clients bring in his favorite sport jersey. AND i always struggle with how to make it look sexy!! If you are going with a t shirt with his favorite team on or super hero, go fitted and get a womens version. Or just a thin lace or cotton T shirt can also be sexy with nothing underneath! I also like loose thin sweaters maybe off the shoulder.

Image by Jo Gradowski

Image by Jo Gradowski

5. Shapewear

Why I love shape wear is that it holds in the stomach if thats a problem area and now they are offered in really pretty styles. Go for one that is similar to swimsuit and has support for the girls! This one is by Flexees.



6. Implied nudes

I always offer these to my clients as an option. Implied nude means that you see a lot more skin but not your private parts. When I have shot full on nudes, I have found that my clients go with the ones that are bit more covered up. I use a sheet, some lace or the pose to cover up.


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How many outfits do you need for a Boudoir Shoot?

This is one of the most asked questions. A Boudoir shoot is an investment in itself, plus now you have to go shopping!! All photographers work differently and shoot for different amounts of time. I personally find that 1 1/2 to 2 hrs seems to be the sweet spot! After 2 hrs most of my clients are done, after posing for 2 hours straight and need a break! Posing is a lot of work!!

 I usually allow about 20 mins per outfit, so if we shoot for 2 hrs then that's about 4 outfits including changes. I would also allow a variety of shapes and color in your outfits so its not 4 sets of black bras and panties!! 

I keep a few bodysuits and some lace coverups to fill in here and there if needed. 

Then theres always the implied nudes if my clients want to do that, so I include that in outfits as I like to allow 15 mins at the end. I use sheets, fabric or posing to stay covered in all the right places!!



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