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What To Expect on my photo shoot

Boudoir photography means something different to everyone. It can be sexy and sensual. It can be beautiful and styled. It can be flirty or playful. It can be a combination of many of those things and it might even be all of them. Our style is more on the conservative side.

Unbuttoned Photography consists of an all-female team. Our goal is to make you look amazing and feel even better. The photographer, makeup artists and hair artists will always be women, so you can be completely comfortable.  Whether you are doing this a grooms gift, a birthday surprise, for your anniversary or just because, we make sure that its s special experience from beginning to end.

Our Signature  session begins with styling services from our hair & makeup professionals. They’ll help quell those last-minute jitters. And even if you’re still nervous afterward, don’t worry! Once we start shooting, you’ll begin to relax and feel at ease. We will direct you and show you what to do, so you don’t even have to think about it. We will always find your best angles and lines to ensure that you look amazing!


Where Do We Shoot?

We do sessions in our Los Angeles based home studio, clients homes or Airbnb’s if thats not an option.

If you prefer, we can also shoot in a cute, boutique hotel locally, You would be responsible for booking and handling costs independently. 


Bringing Guests

We understand that you would love to have your friend there and think that it would make you feel more comfortable. However, we have found after having guests present on some photo shoots that most people get more uncomfortable having someone there. Clients have said that they were more able to be free and let go without someone else watching the shoot. If your friend would also like a photo shoot on the same day, then of course we would make an exception. No children or pets allowed during photo shoots.


Nudity is entirely up to you. Each photo shoot is tailored to fulfill your specific wants and needs, there is no pressure or expectation. Like everything else, you get to choose. If you would like to shoot nude, Unbuttoned will photograph you in a comfortable, tasteful way that showcases your beauty and leaves you (and anyone else) stunned.


We believe in retouching to enhance what you have. You can let us know before we edit how much retouching you would like. Occasionally some clients ask for none. So it is up to you.

    •    Removing blemishes/scars

    •    Skin smoothing

    •    Softening wrinkles

  • Fixing clothing or body if needed

 We do promise that you will look amazing!!


All our clients on our website have given us their permission to use the images. None of your images will be used on our website unless we have written permission from you. We respect your privacy!






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